What is renewable energy mean?

Renewable energy is the energy generated from a natural process continuously refilled. This energy cannot be exhausted, and it involves sunlight, geothermal heat, winds, tides, water, etc. Renewable energy plays an important aspect in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Why renewable energy?

First of all, by switching to renewable power, you will be committed to sustainability. Studies have shown that energy is the most significant expense, so the price of using renewable power is a big opportunity to essential savings. Also, by using renewable energy, it enables you to demonstrate the responsibilities for helping the climate change targets.

Why infrared heating panels?

Infrared heating works different than a conventional one, heating the surface area of a room and not the volume. An infrared panel of warmth within 30 seconds of being turned on. They are 100% efficient converting electrical energy into heat and they take up very little space.

The good news about infrared panels and renewable energy

Infrared heating panels can be the perfect solution for our homes with their easy installation and controllable thermostats. It is time also to consider using more infrared heating and the way it can complement with the renewables revolution. They are equipped to be a lot healthier than conventional heaters as it does not stir up the air which means there is no dust circulation. If you decide to install an infrared heating panel into your home, you will reduce energy costs and combined with tech solar will bring you even further benefits.

Infrared panels and Solar PV

The issue of heating has become very important as many countries try to reduce their carbon footprint. Infrared heat has many benefits including low electricity usage and easy installation. When used in with power produced by wind or solar, infrared heating is becoming a hundred percent free carbon option.

If you don't have a solar installed, you can switch to an energy provider that uses renewable sources for their customers, this way, cutting down your carbon footprint.

The most important fact is that we all need to consider new ways to combine different technologies to make our planet safer.