For those of you who don't know what Heating Yoga is, let's start with a short introduction!

Heating Yoga (Bikram Yoga) is a popular form of yoga that incorporates 26 poses and two breathing exercises along with a heated room, averaging at 40.6 degrees Celsius. Each class lasts 90 minutes, and it has the same sequence of moves throughout any Bikram class. The end of every course follows by a 2-minute savasana (i.e., corpse pose). Infrared heating panels are great to accomplish the best results in Bikram yoga. Radiating electromagnetic waves cause molecules to vibrate and release energy heating up any object gets hit by these waves. Infrared panels transfer heat to your skin, warming you up without having to heat all the air in the room. It is a crucial factor that sets infrared apart as one of the smartest and most economical heating methods. Regarding high energy prices, many yoga studio owners are seeking out alternative heating methods, but also they look for healthier and eco-friendly solutions. INFRARED HEATING SYSTEM is ideal for this kind of practice.

5 Health Benefits of Infrared Heat for Yoga

Increased Circulation – Stretching your muscles in the heat stimulates blood flow to different parts of the body. It is showed that infrared heat increases your core body temperature so circulation will grow along with it. It can also have an incredible effect on the body and offers a variety of benefits. It can help lower blood pressure and oxygenate the organs.

Weight loss - The human body has a remarkable temperature regulation system. It has to remain at a persistent temperature, and it has to work hard to ensure that happens. A standard 90-minute session of Bikram Yoga can help you burn up to 1,000 calories, which are just as good as various other forms of cardiovascular exercise. Stay hydrated!

Increased Flexibility Infrared heat can reduce muscle stiffness and pain, decrease soreness & inflammation, increase circulation and improve skin tone. Infrared heat directly penetrates tissue and muscles allowing them to expand and regenerate, achieving flexibility without the risk of injury.

Pain relief – The infrared heat relieves pain and migraine headaches reducing stress and fatigue. It is useful for pain relief for minor or even chronic ailments. Infrared heat is the best method for many physical therapists and yoga studios around the world.

Detoxification -- Infrared heat will make you sweat and stimulate the lymphatic system responsible for flushing out toxins and impurities from your system. As your body absorbs infrared heat, water molecules begin to vibrate, which causes them to wring out contaminants from the cells. This detox process involves releasing heavy metals, and it helps skin purification, muscle, and joint rejuvenation as additional benefits of the infrared heating.

INFRARED HEATING significantly reduces energy usage in your yoga studio up to 60%, compared to other indoor heating solutions and 100% of the electrical energy used by infrared systems is converted into green heat.