When referring to infrared energy, we have to know that this way of heating produces the same warmth we get to feel from the sun. Now, new technology advanced into electric infrared home heating. An efficient way to keep us warmer for a longer time and achieve a better thermal comfort as we will not have any more cold spots inside our living space. The infrared heating system uses far less energy than traditional heaters which means they are affordable to run since they don’t have to work so hard to keep a constant temperature.

Are infrared panels easy to install?

Infrared panels can be wall or ceiling mounted. Easy to install, they can be mount on a wall, and the cables can be hidden by hard wiring or plugged into a controller switch.

Is it possible to control the heating system?

You can easily control the desired temperature of your home with smart appliances as we are looking to reduce our energy consumption. By heating each room individually, there is better control over your energy bills too. The Smart 1.0 wireless thermostat can help you control the desired temperature of your home from anywhere you are.

What kind of design should I choose for my panel?

We can describe infrared panels as a sleek, excellent eco-friendly heating method that will perfectly fit into any room. Combine functionality with the design! When choosing to decorate your interior, you will want to think about your heating system too and it mostly depends on your taste as the power of your panel will be determinate by the size and insulation of your room and the place you want to use it.

IC PREMIUM - a version of frameless infrared panel cover with a steel powder coat that doesn’t need any additional accessories for mounting.

IC ECONOMY - this series has an attractive slim design and perfect aluminum surface. It can be wall or ceiling mounting in every interior.

GD GLASS – safety ceramic glass available in white color with easy-fit mounting solution

GD GLASS PRINTED – with these panels you can customize or print out graphics

GD GLASS TOWEL - especially useful in the bathroom area as that has white glass and two stainless steel rails. It can be a heater and towel dryer.

What are the benefits of using infrared heating panels?

Having an infrared heating panel installed into your home will improve the air quality as they do not release unhealthy emissions or smell. This good heat that infrared panels have to offer such as boosting the immune system by increasing oxygenation and regeneration of blood circulation, both of which are significant for detoxification. Allergy reduction plays an important part when we think on a new way of heating as infrared panels do not dry out the air or distribute dust.

Are they efficient?

The infrared heating panels do not warm up the surrounding air instead it warms directly any object or people in range. Infrared heaters are about 85% efficient at emitting radiant heat and 100% efficient at converting electricity into usable heat.

Is infrared heating panel, safe?

The iteresting fact is that infrared heating is 100% safe. Smart and economical heating method radiates electromagnetic waves and transfers heat to your skin or clothing, warming you up without polluting the air. The human skin is made to receive infrared heat, so you absorb a heated wavelength naturally from your infrared heating panel. It is UV that is harmful, not infrared, so you don’t need to be worried. These safe infrared heaters you can be mounted higher up on walls or ceiling, this way reducing the risk of injury. You can choose to install your heating panels at a safe distance in areas where young children or the elderly are present. Although if you do get in contact with these panels, it’s doubtful to get burned as they can only be felt hot at first contact, they are harmful.

We introduce you to new technology, infrared heating system, the positive choice to keep your family and home as healthy and safely possible.